For the first time in computer history, secure cyber-protection has been combined with hard disk drive technology to defend your data and systems from cyber-attacks, insider threats, accidental file deletion, viruses, RansomWare data hostage and other potential damage.


GreenTec SecureNow™ Solutions combine cyber-defense with your applications and workflows for Video Surveillance, Records Retention, SEC Compliance, eDiscovery, Medical Records, Enterprise Backup, Accounting, Auditing and other applications, making sure your data is safe and secure and there when you need it.


SecureNow™ protects your data and computer systems from damage caused by malicious viruses like the ones that recently crippled many large companies and agencies that you hear about in the news almost daily.  SecureNow™ patented technologies are NIST NCCoE SP 1800-11 Data Integrity compliant, DISA tested and validated, Dell tested on Gen 13 and 14 servers, and Chain Security Analytics certified.


SecureNow™ uses highly-secure CYBERdisk™ and WORMdisk™ Write Once Read Many (WORM) technologies so your data is protected for life.  Data can’t be sabotaged, modified, deleted or re-formatted and may be combined with FIPS 140-2 encryption standards to protect against disclosure and modification.


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StorageManPosted on  10:16 pm - Jul 27, 2015

I saw your interview on NBC news about how to manage all of the massive amounts of video being collected by police body cameras. This requires massive amounts of secure storage with immutable chain-of-custody to hold up in court,

    TartuffoPosted on  5:16 pm - Oct 19, 2015

    Yes, there are lots of police officers purchasing body cameras but the next big step is how is all of that video going to be stored, searched, managed and produced as evidence that will stand up in court. Many legal departments are struggling now trying to get this under control. The WORMDISK is a sure way to guarantee that the video has not be manipulated and important evidence has not been tampered with.

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