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WORMdisks Key Building Block for NIST Special Publication 1800-11 Data Integrity Project

The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) Data Integrity Project establishes Cybersecurity practice guides for how organizations can develop and implement appropriate actions following a detected cyber security event.


WORMdisks from GreenTec-USA are featured as a key building block in the NIST Special Publication 1800-11 “Data Integrity Recovering from Ransomware and Other Destructive Events“, a guideline for organizations to quickly recover from a data integrity attack and trust that any recovered data is accurate, complete, and free of malware.


GreenTec, along with IBM, HP, Tripwire and Veeam participated in the consortium with the NIST NCCoE to address this cyber security challenge.

DISA Testing and Validation of CYBERdisks and WORMdisks

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is a combat support agency of the Department of Defense (DoD).  DISA provides, operates, and assures command and control and information-sharing capabilities and a globally accessible enterprise information infrastructure in direct support to joint warfighters, national level leaders, and other mission and coalition partners across the full spectrum of military operations.


DISA performed a series of testing and validation on WORMdisks and CYBERdisks and concluded in their assessment report  that “The GreenTec WORMdisk product allows for permanent unchangeable storage of data onto a hard disk medium.  The CYBERdisk product allows for protection of a boot hard disk where the Master Boot Record (MBR) is unalterable.  The two products perform as advertised.   Of note, IE55 was not able to change any data promised to be unalterable.”  and that “The products certainly are strong enough to support many Write Once Read Many (WORM) applications.”


Multi WORMdisk Volume (WDVs) Now Available

November 1, 2016:  A new capability for multiple WORMdisk Volumes (WDVs) is not available allowing up to 126 WORMdisk Volumes on a single WORMdisk.  This feature provides the ability to separately “Enforce” individual WDVs independently.  Typical use cases include scenarios where data must be protected on periodic intervals, for example on a daily basis.

For more information on the new WDV feature, contact GreenTec-USA at (703) 880-8332 or visit