RedDisklocked CYBERdisk™ Solutions consist of the hard disk (in user selected capacities) combined with the CYBERdisk Security Package™ and is available for various disk sizes ranging from 500GB up to 2TB in 2.5″ format, and from 500GB up to 6TB in 3.5″ format.  CYBERdisks are boot disks that protect sensitive parts of critical operating system areas necessary to start your computer system.  They prevent cyber-attacks that may destroy Master Boot Records (MBRs) and system partition information so that viruses and cyber-attacks are unable to destroy these areas, thereby keeping your systems re-bootable.


WORMdWORMDRIVE logo Aisk Solutions consist of the hard disk (in user selected capacities) combined with the WORMdisk™ Security Package to protect data from manipulation, modification, deletion or re-formatting.  WORMdisks are available in 500GB up to 6TB sizes.  WORMdisks protect data files so they cannot be  intentionally or accidentally destroyed.  Outsiders and insiders threats are neutralized so data remains intact regardless of any attempt to modify or destroy your data.


Various models GMN-424of WORM Storage Servers (WSS) range from the small footprint desktop model with 1, 2 or 4 WORMdisks, to rack-mount systems ranging from 1U 4-bay system up to a 42U 684-bay configuration.   WORM Storage Servers (WSS) are full servers with motherboards, CPUs, memory, network adapters and operating systems.  They may be used as standalone application servers running your software, or as networked attached storage servers to share WORMdisks across your network to multiple users.  The WSS Management Application GUI audits and reports on the status and disposition of every WORMdisk added or removed and generates alerts and notifications for user defined events and thresholds.


CYBERdisk and WORMdisk Solutions are available on GSA Schedule 70, NASA SEWP, CIO-CS, through authorized partners or direct from GreenTec.

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