CYBERdisks™ protect SYSTEMS ... WORMdisks™ protect DATA

Cyber-Defense Solutions ... Permanently protect your valuable data and systems from damage.

Neutralizes cyber-attacks and permanently protects files and other data from damage.

Protected Video Preservation, eDiscovery, Defensible Data, Compliance for SEC, HIPAA, DOD 5015.2, FINRA, CAPSTONE, Permanent Records Retention, Cyber-Protection, RansomWare protection and other secure data needs.

Easily scales from 500GB to many Petabytes. Standard SATA, eSATA & USB interfaces support WIndows, Linux & Mac.

Supports native file systems and applications. Permanent data protection not circumventable. Hardware-level security, protection is inside the disk itself and not dependent on operating system or user access permissions.

Very Flexible and Simple to Use.

SecureNow WORM Storage Servers include monitoring management applications to audit, alert and notify via email or text messages when capacity thresholds are reached.


Sales and support provided directly by GreenTec and by our worldwide Solutions Partners. Various support options and service response times are available depending on your specific needs. Please contact GreenTec or your GreenTec Solutions Partner for details.

Secure Cloud WORMdisk solutions and Catalog Enterprise Management

Web based Enterprise Management monitors multiple WORM Storage Servers with User, Operator, Administrator and Facility Security Officer roles.

Customizable and flexible

Many capacities and formats are available in both 2.5" and 3.5" disk sizes, ranging in capacities from 500GB up to multiple Petabytes via internal SATA or external USB/eSATA configurations.

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